Gift Ideas for Everyone, all Made in TasmaniaProduct of Tasmania Gift Ideas, a proud partner of Brand Tasmania

Welcome to Product of Tasmania, Tasmania’s best online shop for gift ideas, where you’ll find Something for Everyone! We are a proud partner of Brand Tasmania.

We provide a marketplace for creative Tasmanians to showcase their unique and quality gift ideas to the world, right next to well-known and established brands, all Tasmanian made.

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Gift Ideas, Something for Everyone

As an online gift shop, we operate in a highly competitive space. That is why our 
buying phylosophy is, to be the gift shop that offers something for everyone!

We love all things made in TasmaniaProduct of Tasmania Gift Ideas

We add new makers, brands, products and categories regularly, so keep checking this site for more fantastic items.

Your very own piece of Tassie

We seek to offer the perfect gift for anyone! So for those who have a connection with this natural and pristine island, maybe it’s time to spoil yourself with your very own piece of Tasmania. Or you might find the perfect gift for that special someone.

Something for everyone, all made in Tasmania!

Flat-rate Shipping, Anywhere in AustraliaProduct of Tasmania Gift Ideas, flat-rate shipping

Whatever Your Order!

Product of Tasmania lets you combine items
from different Tasmanian suppliers.

That’s right! We offer flat-rate shipping. Take some time to browse our site, see our suppliers or view our products. We aim to offer Something for Everyone on this site, so you might find your very own special piece of Tasmania.

The Better Way to Shop Tasmania

9 reasons Product of Tasmania is the best Tassie online store
  1. It’s Not Just a Directory Site

    We support Tassie makers with profile pages and links to their other online pages, we forward sales queries directly. Because we believe it costs nothing to promote each other and to help each other succeed.

  2. There’s No Advertising

    Not only that, but makers can’t pay to feature their products more prominently. Our focus is on user experience, we want customers to find what they are looking for and have a positive experience on our site.

  3. Partners pay No Fees

    Our makers and suppliers pay nothing to have items listed! We cover the costs of promoting and maintaining the site, creating the listings (ie: photography). So our Partners don’t have to worry about fees.

  4. No 3rd Parties

    Unlike Etsy, Ebay and other competitor sites, we take care of all the packaging and posting, not to mention all that time frustrated on the computer. With our site, makers can focus on what they do best.

  5. Locally Owned and Operated

    We’re not owned by a mainland or an international company. We are a Tasmanian Pty Ltd company. Our Partners deal with Tasmanian’s who understand their creative and commercial challenges and strengths.

  6. No Competition with Suppliers

    We don’t compete with Makers or Suppliers on price! We negotiate a RRP with our Partners, because we believe there are other more effective ways to compete and achieve sales, like targeted online promotion.

  7. No Shopfronts

    We don’t have a physical shop. As an online only business, we have fewer overheads than other retail businesses do, like rent. So we can offer our Customers better value, and support our Partners better too.

  8. Not Just a Crafts site

    We don’t just sell crafts, nor do we only sell elegance. Our model is to offer genuine quality Tasmanian products from a range of Suppliers, including talented Makers alongside established brands. We are a Tasmanian site!

  9. Consignment and Wholesale Options

    Our primary selling point to customers is, flat rate shipping whatever their order. So we need to stock everything in our warehouse, ready for dispatch. We work with our Partners on a consignment or a wholesale basis, sometimes a combination of both, to achieve this.

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