Product of Tasmania, Become a Partner, How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Product of Tasmania takes good care of its suppliers. If you become a partner as a maker or supplier, you will become a part of a group that has selling power to customers around the world. The more products the site offers, the more visitors the site has. In that way, all makers and suppliers on this site are a part of a network, that together, helps each other to achieve more exposure, more customers. and more sales.

What sets Product of Tasmania apart from other sites? 

Our Primary unique selling proposition: Flat-rate Shipping, whatever your order!

(1) Not a Directory Site

  • Product of Tasmania is not a directory site (or as we say it, an INDIRECT-ory site). We support and promote Tasmanian producers for free, including featuring their brand stories, sharing links to their websites and more. If you become a partner, Product of Tasmania will forward wholesale queries directly to you. We want all Tasmanian’s to realise success, just as we know our partners want us to succeed too.

(2) No Advertising

  • There is no advertising on our site at all! We do not allow suppliers to pay to display their products differently than others. Our focus is strictly on customer experience. We want website users to can find what they are looking for, and have a positive experience. Customers don’t find things easier with a lot of advertising clutter in their way. And we all know that a returning customer is far more valuable than advertising revenue.

(3) Become a Partner and pay No Fees

  • Product of Tasmania does not charge its makers and suppliers any fees to list their products, to capture product images, for website hosting or website maintenance. We even cover all costs associated with achieving Google Search Optimisation etc. We are a free service for suppliers. The focus is on the products, how marketable they are, their durability, and of course that they are Tasmanian.

You shouldn’t need a computer science degree to sell your creations!

(4) No 3rd Parties

  • We are not a 3rd-party (or sales facilitation) site like Etsy, Shopify or Ebay. Suppliers do not do any computer work to create or manage their listings, or even post products or liaise with customers. Become a partner and we will take care of all of the work from online to delivery, so you can focus on what you do best, creating quality Tasmanian made products! Customers choose items from multiple suppliers in their order, all directly from the one source.

(5) Locally Owned and Operated

  • We are not a mainland or international company or business, we are completely Tasmanian owned and operated. Our philosophy is to promote all things Tasmania! Further, were are not a sole trader business, we are a Pty Ltd company, listed with ASIC and registered in Tasmania. If you become a partner, you will always deal with Tasmanian’s who know your challenges and understand your marketplace.

(6) No Competition with Suppliers

  • Product of Tasmania does not compete with partners on price! We will never offer items at a lower price than our suppliers do, but rather only match the $RRP agreed with our makers and suppliers. Our philosophy is to compete on other factors like online promotion and targeting. We believe our target market is geographically different to that of our partners, so we focus our promotional activities elsewhere.

You should not need to compete with our site or your other stockists!

Product of Tasmania, no rent means we can support our partners better

(7) No Shopfronts

  • We are not a shopfront business that happens to have a website. Hence we don’t pay rent. Instead we are a completely online only business. That’s why we believe we are an excellent option for producers compared to other retail businesses. We also offer customers better value, and we support our suppliers better too.

(8) Not Just a Crafts site

  • Product of Tasmania is not just a crafts site, nor are we just a premium or gourmet products site. We offer quality Tasmanian products from a variety of suppliers including talented makers alongside established and well-known products and brands. We are looking for Tasmanian made, uniqueness, and an intrinsically Tasmanian quality that is ready for the marketplace. In terms of individually handmade products, we believe it’s important to have only minimal variations between replicated items, so that what a customer can see on our website is what they receive in the post.

(9) Consignment and Wholesale Options

  • We offer our customers flat-rate shipping regardless of their order. To achieve this, we need to stock all listed products in our warehouse. All products are different, as are all suppliers and their businesses. We try to offer a choice between consignment or wholesale options as often as we can. It really depends on your situation and what is best for your and your business.

Product of Tasmania: A gift shop with something for everyone!

So what do you need?

  • A Solid Brand Concept – a logo that shouts what your brand stands for, suggests what your Tasmanian products are, and clearly explains what your unique brand concept is.
  • Marketable Packaging – presentation is everything. You will need a great image for your packaging that is really eye-catching, but that also reflects Tasmania as a brand (ie: recyclable is great!)
  • Reproduction Capacity – you need to be ready to take and fill orders, and to stock retailers. Put simply, you need to make the commitment to keep us stocked so we don’t miss out on sales.

Is Your Product Ready for the Next Level?Product of Tasmania Flat Rate Shipping

There are a lot of quality products out there, but not all have a solid brand concept and marketable packaging. We look for products that offer a unique piece of Tasmania that is ready to sell online. Could this be you?

If you think your Tasmanian made product is ready for the next step into online selling, get in touch and give us some information about yourself, your brand and your products. Find out what you could achieve by selling online with us.

We Promote Tasmanian Made!

We showcase Tasmanian made products from talented makers alongside well known and established Tasmanian brands. To find out more, see our current brands and partners. Give it a go! Just complete the form below and submit as much information as possible about your product/s, your brand concept and your marketing/sales efforts to-date. Be sure to include your phone number too so we can get in touch.

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