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Product of Tasmania, Big Mumma's Creations

Big Mumma’s Creations, proudly Tasmanian

Big Mumma is a 5th generation Tasmanian. Tasmanian timber is in her blood. She’s well-known, with an established reputation. Big Mumma has an eye for detail, and a heart as naturally tough and as beautiful, as her creations are themselves.

Each item crafted to maintain the natural features of the wood

Working with Tasmanian Timbers, Big Mumma’s Creations

All items are created from ethically sourced / salvaged Tasmanian timbers, and are crafted to maintain the natural features of the wood. This results give a rustic, natural product. All products are finished in various oils. This maintains the natural form as much as possible.

Huon Pine
Tasmanian Oak
Celery To

Product Maintenance

From the craftsperson: To maintain your item’s lustre, just oil with olive oil, canola oil or linseed oil (linseed for non food items).

A passion that celebrates a connection to life, in all its forms

Big Mumma’s Creations, the story behind the brand

My friends and family appreciate my creations, because I only use ethically sourced Tasmanian timbers, also because I work closely with several other Tasmanian businesses. People like the idea that a mum has crafted these functional and unique tools.

My young (2 years-old) niece passed away after succumbing to a brain tumour, I wanted to find something to focus my energy, and as a means of coping with grief. I quickly rediscovered a my craft, and found how refocussing that energy translated to a passion for working with the natural beauty of different timbers. I could actually see my healing process through the finished product. And I knew I had discovered something within myself that came from a connection to life, and celebrating life, in all its forms.

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