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The Bridestowe Lavender Estate Story

London perfumer CK Denny migrated to Tasmania with his family in 1921. Amongst his few possessions was a packet of lavender seeds from the French Alps. These were of the variety Lavandula angustifolia, the true French lavender. Tasmania offered a similar climate as well as conditions to the famous lavender regions of Provence. So the family began Bridestowe Estate.

The World’s Finest Lavender. No Processing, Just Distillation.

Over time, the Denny family achieved lavender oil production that was equal to the quality of the French oil, as well as being completely camphor free. They also adopted techniques to improve production and quality, such as the iconic and picturesque curved rows of lavender, designed to make better use of rainfall.

Bringing Bridestowe Back To Life

Bridestowe passed into corporate ownership when Tim Denny retired in 1989. The farm changed without the care and special attention of the Denny family.

In 2006 the owners took on the challenge of restoring the old farm to its former agricultural excellence. They were also focussed on reinvigorating visitors’ experiences. Bridestowe now sets a the standard for excellence in agrotourism. Each year over 50,000 visitors stroll through the stunning fields, which are set in one of the most photographed and enjoyed landscapes in Tasmania.

One of the most photographed landscapes in Tasmania!

This charming farm with lovely gardens as well as excellent facilities, are now a tribute to the cultural and also historic significance of the site. Guests wander through the purple fields and enjoy the unique dishes in the café. All while indulging in products made with the finest lavender oil in the world.

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