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The Creations by Bobbie Mac Story

A passion that turned into something bigger, all started in 2007. Bobbie Mac always loved burning candles around the house. After a while she learned how to make them for herself, and not just any candles either, but candles that filled the room with rich, beautiful fragrances when they burned. In fact Bobbie Mac’s philosophy is, that’s the reason for burning candles! And so Creations by Bobbie Mac began.

Natural, Healthier, Longer Burning, Soy Wax is a Superior Candle

It wasn’t long before she became interested in what were the best materials to use, and how best to use them. She discovered that Soy Wax Candles are better for your health to burn than Paraffin Wax Candles are. Every Creations by Bobbie Mac scented Soy Wax Candle is lovingly hand poured straight from the skillet. And although it started out as just a candle making business, Creations by Bobbie Mac didn’t just stop there.

Create an Atmosphere for your Life! All using Essential Oils

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Over the years, the business has responded to demand and created a range of products. Not only do they produce quality Candles, they have also created the Mozzie Buster bucket, a range of Melts and more. In fact, Bobbie Mac creates Candles and Melts in 19 different scents. All fragrances are made using essential oils.

In order to make the soy wax, soybeans are cold compressed to produce soybean oil. Turning soybean oil into soy wax is done by a process of partial hydrogenation of this soybean oil. Our Soy Wax Candles also contain a small percentage of other vegetable oils to achieve better performance, a smoother and waxier surface, a stronger fragrance, and longer shelf-life.

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