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The Fifth Estate Co. Story

The company was founded in 2017 by a couple of guys who just wanted better hair. Fifth Estate Co. products are designed to reduce the time spent in front of the mirror.

Tasmanian duo Joey Crawford and William Coats had a mission. To create a product which people like, and then could really rave about.

Tasmania’s Finest Men’s Hair Style Products

Fifth Estate Company Joey Crawford, Product of Tasmania
Fifth Estate Company Joey Crawford, Product of Tasmania

It all started when…

The name Fifth Estate Company has its roots in the old regime of France, prior to the French Revolution. There were three estates of power: firstly the clergy (the First Estate), further was the nobles (the Second Estate), and finally the people (the Third Estate).

Across the world from 1400 to 1800 these three estates, and their variations were pretty common. In 1837 the power and influence of the printing press became clear, and so The Fourth Estate was coined.

We call the Fifth Estate the next level of power, the individuals who might be the next overnight YouTube sensation, or whose work ascends to the upper echelons of twenty first century society. These people are the future decision-makers, the future leaders.

We create products that, whatever the journey, whatever the goal, will make you look good!

What we stand for

At Fifth Estate Co. we are very proud of the values and mission we hold, that’s because these are what motivate us each morning before that first latte kicks in.


To create hair products focussed around respect and quality.


To realise a commercial harmony and also a respect between the consumer and the environment we all share.


Authenticity and the desire to create products that mean something to us and our community.
Quality or the aim to have products that reflect the best quality they can be.
Respect for the people we work with, the people that use our products, and the environment we all share.

More about Fifth Estate Co.

Fifth Estate Co. has a great range. They understand their customers and they really know their products well. That’s why Fifth Estate Co. goes further, such as their engagement with industry development, and their blogs on helpful topics like “How to Style Your Hair” and “How to Grow a Healthy Beard”. Check them out:

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