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Did you say $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping?

That’s right! It doesn’t matter where you are, how many items you order, or how heavy they are. If you make a purchase from Product of Tasmania for delivery anywhere within Australia, you’ll only pay $9.95 for flat rate shipping.

Anywhere in Australia, whatever your order!

We also ship to other countries around the world, including New Zealand, U.K., U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Spain and more. Product of Tasmania makes things easy by offering a flat rate for all shipping to any country.

Flat Rates to Many Countries*

View our international shipping flat rates. Please check your billing information prior to purchase. If you have any questions you can contact us anytime. If your country doesn’t appear on the list, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Product of Tasmania uses Australia Post for all parcels posted to mainland Australia and around the world.

* international flat-rates are per 0.5kg (500g)

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