Product of Tasmania partner Gourlay's Famous Sweets

FREE GIFT – all orders during July and August!

Gourlay’s Sweet Factory is renowned for its tasty, high quality sweets, all produced in Launceston Tasmania since 1896. They still use the original equipment and traditional methods, and so preserving a heritage and a unique quality in their products.

The team at Gourlays strives to make the ‘Gourlays’ experience as yummy and pleasing as possible.

Product of Tasmania, free gift from Gourlay’s Shop

Product of Tasmania partner Gourlay's Famous Sweets

To celebrate Easter and the change of seasons, from now until the end of August, we will include a 50g packet of traditional Leatherwood and Honey drops. A real taste of Tasmania.

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For more information, you are also welcome to contact us at Product of Tasmania. We are always happy to help.

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