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Tasmania’s very own House of Fudge

Introducing a national award winning Port Arthur based brand, House of Fudge. With a focus on producing only the highest quality Fudge, and complemented with exceptional packaging and branding, you will be delighted with just how impressive this Fudge really is. The entire range of flavours available from House of Fudge is truly amazing, hence making it nearly impossible to choose just one!

A World Hit

The brand thrives on growing distribution throughout the Australian mainland and beyond, even as far as Asia. Handcrafted in Hobart, they source local Tasmanian and Australian ingredients. This much loved brand owns its reputation for exceptional taste and quality. A scrumptious treat, to be indulged not as a confectionery, but as a classy, delicious gift.

A Guaranteed Blissful Tasmanian Fudge Experience

The whole range of flavours from House of Fudge is gluten free. All have a seductively smooth and creamy texture. It really does guarantee a blissful Tasmanian fudge experience.

A little House of Fudge to finish your Gift

So you’ve poured time and care into selecting a perfect gift for that lucky person, but now you are wondering… does that go ALL the way to WOW? Why not finish your gift with a delicious Tasmanian Fudge.

Award-winning Tasmanian Artisans

These beautiful boxes have been locally designed and printed by talented Tasmanian artisans. So beautifully presented, they easily blend to the look and feel of any gift, goodie bag or hamper.

Award-winning Fudge

FOOD Australian Food Awards

The Australian Food Awards (AFA) is Australia’s leading national fine food awards program, celebrating excellence and recognising the best Australian food producers across ten major categories, including dairy, meat, seafood, produce, pantry goods, beverages and convenience foods.

PRINT National Print Awards

Recognised as the most prestigious printing awards in Australia. Only the best of the best nationally are selected for the PICA awards. The Bronze at the PICA awards further highlights our exceptional branding and packaging on a national scale.

PACKAGING Diemen Awards

The Tasmanian awards celebrate the most exceptional and creative work across screen, web and print. Reflecting extraordinary work and building exciting brands, winners are recognised for evolving global trends in print and design.

List of Flavours – all delicious!

With new flavours being released every year, we’ve decided to keep just the main 4. Well, let’s say the main 6 flavours. Wow, they’re all so good. Ok, so we’re going to stock the 8 very best flavours, just for you 😉

Tasmanian Devil
(vanilla and chocolate)

Tasmanian Tiger
(salted caramel and chocolate)

Roasted Coffee
Choc Raspberry
Salted Caramel
Chocolate Mint
Macadamia Nut
Rocky Road

It’s the Thought that Tastes Amazing

Save the Devil Appeal

House of Fudge features the Tasmanian devil on their signature fudge bar, and assists in raising awareness about the Save the Tasmanian Devil appeal at every opportunity. This famous little Tassie icon is under great pressure, due to Devil Facial Tumour Disease, a disease that has wiped out more than 90% of the species’ population in some areas. They are also vulnerable to being killed on country roads, when they try to cross at night.

More about House of Fudge

Did you finish that already? And you still want more, don’t you? We know, it’s hard to stop…

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