Product of Tasmania - Kristabella

The Kristabella Story

Kristabella loves to create truly unique and beautiful pieces. That is why she is always watching out for new fabrics as well as new techniques and creative methods . She also really enjoys working with cotton, and usually chooses colours that are her favourite. These are often ocean colours as well as earthy tones.

Quality Tasmanian Handmade Jewellery, Crafts and Accessories

Kristabella’s rare and wonderful process can involve using polymer clay and glass cabochon’s. She is always challenging herself with new techniques. This is clearly demonstrated in her charming and delightful jewellery as well as other her decorative arts and crafts.

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Product of Tasmania, Kristabella Handmade

Find the story behind this long respected Tasmanian brand. See Kristabella’s amazing range of quality handmade jewellery. What’s more, look out for her unique and beautifully designed accessories. Discover her passion for collaborating with other makers and creating exclusive and limited products.

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