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Disrupt your Mosquito Paradise, Mozzie Buster Soy Melts, made in Tasmania

Introducing Mozzie Scented Soy Melts. Once lit, these little beauties will really annoy those pesky mosquitos. Mozzies will hate you and the Citronella & Eucalyptus Bluegum scent. Each Mozzie Buster Melts contains 85 grams of Soy Wax, and has an estimated burning time of approximately 25 hours + (depending on conditions).

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Mozzie Buster Soy Melts, Made in Tasmania

Introducing Mozzie Soy Melts! Mozzies will hate you and the Citronella & Eucalyptus scent. Once lit, these little beauties can really annoy those pesky mosquitos. Each Mozzie Buster Melts contains 85 grams of Soy Wax, and has an estimated burning time of approximately 25 hours + (depending on conditions). A truly exceptional product that must be tried, and a groovy gift to easily post, for just about anyone.

Disrupt your Mosquito Paradise

Creations by Bobbie Mac makes the only Soy Wax melts that are 100% vegetable, with no chemicals, animal fats or petroleum additives. You can be sure you are getting the very best product at the best price. These Mozzie Buster Melts won’t burn you, because the wax actually burns at such a low temperature. In fact, you can literally dab your finger or hand into the melted liquid and use it as a mozzie repellent, by putting a little bit on your temple or arms.

Soy Wax and Soy Wax Candle facts

    • It liquifies at a lower burning temperature. That’s about 50% cooler than Paraffin Wax.
    • Typically made from Soy beans using a cold compress process, followed by partial hydrogenation.
    • Soy Wax is more environmentally friendly than Paraffin Wax.
    • Essential oils make all products in this range more natural, and much higher in quality.
    • Soy wax is made from all-natural compounds, and renewable and sustainable sources.
    • No harmful toxins are released into the air when burned, like petro-soot emissions.
    • Lower temperature means a longer burn time, about 25%- 50% longer than paraffin wax.
    • Soy wax is water-soluble, so you can easily clean out your containers for refilling or recycling.
    • It is easily removed from fabric and other materials such as clothing and carpet. Just use hot soapy water!

It’s no wonder people are demanding this safer, natural alternative

Melts, Candles and More, all made in Tasmania

Product of Tasmania stocks a range of flavours of Soy Wax Melts and Candles, from Creations by Bobbie Mac. FLAVOURS INCLUDE: Citronella & Eucalyptus Blue-gum (Mozzie Buster), Orange Vanilla, Sandalwood, French Pear, Strawberry, French Vanilla, Coffee, and of course Lavender.

A natural, quality product, that lasts longer, and isn’t expensive

This passion, that turned into something bigger, started in 2007. Bobbie Mac has always loved burning candles. After a while she learned how to make them for herself. See the story of this quality brand.

More about Creations by Bobbie Mac

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