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Rock the Cradle Tea, by The Tea Equation

The most well-known health benefit of Lavender tea is its ability to induce calm. This incredible tea also includes Organic Passion Flower, a gentle anti-anxiety and mildly sedative herb, plus Tasmanian Chamomile and Organic Rose Buds.

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Rock the Cradle Tea, by The Tea Equation

Have you ever taken the Overland Track for a hike up Cradle Mountain? By the time you arrive at the historic Kitchen Hut, you are ready for the views. On a clear day, they are well worth the hard work. You know that you will sleep well that night! Or maybe you’re not that energetic, and much prefer a stroll into a not so historic kitchen, boiling a kettle, and brewing a cup of Rock the Cradle Tea. Not such hard yakka but a good night’s sleep, all the same!

Organic Tasmanian Lavender

The most well-known health benefit of lavender tea is its ability to induce calm. The relaxing effects can help improve sleep and may be used to treat sleep disorders. Drinking Rock the Cradle before bed can help you achieve more restful sleep. Lavender tea helps calm brain function, by triggering chemical reactions in the nervous system, boosting the production of dopamine, and reducing the stress hormone known as cortisol. One study found that lavender increases the percentage of deep slow-wave sleep, which is considered the restorative sleep phase.

Achieve more restful sleep

Lavender tea also contains high amounts of antioxidants and antibacterial compounds, that can help fend off the common cold and flu. Studies show that it also contains vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium.

Organic Passion Flower

A gentle anti-anxiety and mildly sedative herb that can even be used to induce a good night’s sleep in children.

Organic Tasmanian Chamomile

Renowned for its sleep-inducing properties. It’s a natural sedative and muscle relaxant making it perfect for a refreshing night’s sleep. It can also soothe indigestion as well as being a natural way to boost the immune system and relieve symptoms of anxiety, making it more than just a sleep aid.

Organic Rose Buds

Pack your drink with health benefits that have been known for centuries. Not only do the rose petals create a beautifully fragrant, fruity and nutritious tea rich in natural antioxidants which can benefit your body in a number of ways, helping you to relax and even relieving digestive issues. But they can also help to calm the mind and elevate your mood, having a positive impact on balancing stress hormones, by calming down the nervous system. The high vitamin C content makes it an excellent natural boost for your immune system.

Handcrafted in Tasmania with local and imported ingredients.


Pregnant women should be careful when drinking lavender tea due to its ability to mimic the oestrogen hormone. It’s always best to consult your doctor before consuming herbal teas when pregnant or breastfeeding.
People with allergies to lavender, daisy, rose or similar flowering plants should avoid drinking Rock the Cradle, as there is the potential to trigger allergic reactions, although such reactions are very rare.

“We believe in the power of tea, to provide not only a delicious cuppa, but to support your lifestyle, health and wellbeing.”

Ingredients: Lavender, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Rose Buds
Brewing Instructions: This caffeine-free herbal blend is best brewed with boiling water for up to 7 minutes according to personal taste. Use 1 teaspoon per cup.

About The Tea Equation

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