Tasmanian Christmas Gift Wrapping, individual item

Add a touch of the Tasmania forest to your item, with Tasmanian Christmas themed Gift Wrapping paper.

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Tasmanian Christmas themed Gift Wrapping

Send your love gift wrapped with a personal message! Individual items, or whole orders (see your cart to manage)

Add a touch of the Tasmanian forests to your item, or to your entire order (in cart), with Tasmanian Christmas themed Gift Wrapping paper. You can even choose a card to arrive along with our lovingly wrapped gift.

This uniquely Australian motif features images of native flowers, as well as our familiar friends the Possum, Wombat, and beautiful Butterfly. All in a design that is brought together by the full, deep colours of Christmas in the Tassie forest.

Why a Tasmanian Christmas is so special

Christmas in Summer

For all those people who live downunder, the experience of Christmas is shared with the wonderful warmth and blue skies of Summer.

Instead of snow, think flowers. Instead of inside by the fire, think outside by the pool.

That’s why an Australian Christmas is always themed with happy creatures, blooming flowers, and warm bright summer colours.

Gift Wrapped with the warmth of an Australian Christmas

Have yourself a very Aussie Christmas and New Year

Write Your Personal Message

We will print your message on an adhesive label, presented on the front of the wrapped item or parcel, for your lucky loved one.

Make sure you tell us your personal message. If not, that’s ok. We will add a smart logo sticker to finish the wrap with love and a bit of class.

If you have no preference for font styles, we will choose Neat for you.

There are 3 font options for your personal message – Casual, Scribble and Neat.

Materials for our Tasmanian Christmas range are designed and printed in Tasmania, distributed by Tasmanian Postcards & Souvenirs. Paper is supplied in individual wrapping paper sheets of 45cm x 64cm.

Delivery and Tracking

Most orders to Australia arrive within 7 business days. However please allow up to 15 business days for delivery within Australia. Deliveries also include parcel tracking. We use Australia Post, Sendle, and also Mailman for deliveries. Find our Service Level Agreement – Shipping in our Terms of Service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Product of Tasmania knows you will love your new item. So we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Further details in our Terms of Service.


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