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Jewellery Maker, Artist and Children’s Book Writer/Illustrator,
Sonia Strong

Tasmanian artist, Sonia Strong’s jewellery, books and artwork reflect her keen observation of the natural world. She loves island life in ’Tassie,’ being fortunate to live in the bush, surrounded by the native animals and plants which are central to her work. In addition to her art projects and working part time as a paramedic, she and her husband (and their great dane, Jack) run a mobile coffee trailer and Airbnb cottage, Firetail Bush Retreat.

“Life is never boring”

Sonia Strong, her Inspiration and Experience

Sonia’s primary source of regeneration and inspiration is through connection with Tasmania’s many wild and quiet places. This is where she goes to find her natural textures and gemstones which she later polishes and shapes into jewellery. Sonia says that her designs are the jeweller’s equivalent of ‘paddock to plate.’ We think that’s pretty cool.

Sonia’s children’s books, which she both authors and illustrates, challenge children to see the natural world (and themselves) from a different perspective

About Sonia Strong’s Books

In “The Boobook’s Nook” a little owl takes children on a journey through the night – a place of activity and wonder. She introduces kids to some of Tasmania’s fascinating nocturnal creatures and shows them how things that go ‘screech’ in the night are nothing to be afraid of.

“Tazzie The Turbo Chook Finds Her Feet” tells the tale of a Tasmanian native hen who, by escaping a feral cat, learns to appreciate that although she cannot fly, her strength lies in being able to run like the wind. Through rhyming verse (for vocabulary development) Tazzie shows readers how we all have our own special talents and why recognising and appreciating those skills is the way to go, rather than attempting to be like everyone else!

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