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Our makers and partners each have a unique story. Of how they started, and how their products were born. Tales of overcoming challenges, grasping at opportunities. Of innovation, resilience, and believing in oneself. We all know that growing and thriving in a small business is difficult. A lot of hard work. Product of Tasmania seeks to support Tassie makers with branding and online promotion strategies.

Working with our Partners has been inspiring for our team!

Our work with suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, marketing managers, brand mangers and many others, has been absolutely inspiring for our team. We have found a real and shared belief in the quality of Tasmania as a brand, and a sense of pride when creating wonderful and meaningful products that enrich the lives of others. It’s like sharing our place.

Another Gift Store? dot-ok

Gift Ideas, Something for Everyone

As an online gift shop, we operate in a highly competitive space. That is why our 
buying phylosopy is, to be the gift shop that offers something for everyone!

Tasmania, a brand in itself

They also share something else in common, a genuine passion for Tasmania, a deep belief that the best things in life come from this very centre of the universe, the Great Southern Mainland of Australia… Tasmania!

The best things in life come from Tasmania, the Great Southern Mainland of Australia

Proud stockists of authentic Tasmanian brands

Alice Hansen Sonia Strong
Bridestowe Lavender The Spotted Quoll
Creations by Bobbie Mac The T Towel Gallery
Fifth Estate Co. Tasmanian Postcards and Souvenirs
Gourlay’s Sweets The Tasmanian Soap and Skincare Co.
KCM Story Illustrations Tastex Knitwear Inc.
KJ’s Beeswax Wraps Troublesmiths
Kristabella Jewellery Wild Woman Designs

Supporting our partners, great Tassie operators

Brand Tasmania

Embellish Gifts

Little Tilds Photography

Makers Nest

Rubarb for Gifts and Wrap

The Tasmanian Artisan Shop

Shared values, shared goals

Our team, and extended network of hard-working Tasmanian
makers and partners, all share common values and goals.

  • Promote and showcase quality Tasmanian-made products. Focussed on affordable, hand-made crafts, with a strong emphasis on quality.
  • Be ambassadors for Tasmania as a brand with its untouched natural and wonderfully inspiring environment, and as an exporter of creativity.
  • Provide an open and free marketplace, where only the best-quality Tasmanian products are available online, for anyone in the world to see.
  • Ensure the safe, secure, reliable and trackable delivery of all website orders, direct to the customer, anywhere in the world.
  • Exceed customer expectations on product quality, value for money, presentation and packaging, and service. Every order, every time!
  • Be always guided by the environmental and sustainability values of National Parks, Local Council, State Government, other Community Organisations, and our partners.
  • Encourage and promote the brand Tasmania as an exporter of creativity and of nature, and as a producer of well-made products using rare and high-quality materials.

Thank you to all of our makers, partners and customers, for helping to make Product of Tasmania a success.

Are you interested in cross-marketing?

We can write articles for other blogs. Usually, you would provide us with a written article which we would adapt and publish. As long as the content is relevant, and it improves the online experience for our customers.

We are always looking for other ways to improve experience for our customers, and engage in cross marketing with other Tasmanian businesses. We have a pragmatic approach to competition online.

Price is not an effective way to compete, and there begins the journey of digital marketing strategy. Are you a potential partner? How’s your digital strategy? Let’s cross promote!

Do you know something we don’t?

We are always searching for new products and specials. We encourage all Tassie makers to get in touch. You never know what we might be able to promote! See how it works, or talk to us anytime.

How Does It Work?Product of Tasmania, Quality Gifts, Something for Everyone

Product of Tasmania offers a unique service that is set apart from competitor sites. We aim to support makers better than our competitors do. We offer customers a better deal too! Read all about it.

Flat-rate Shipping!

Perhaps the best example of all, Product of Tasmania lets you combine items from different Tasmanian suppliers and makers. That’s right, we offer flat-rate shipping whatever your order! See our suppliers or browse our products.