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The Tasmanian Postcards & Souvenirs Story

Tasmanian Postcards & Souvenirs is a family owned business, which began in 1987. It started when a client asked their printing business, Regal Press, to print the packaging boxes for his products. The brief was that he was happy with his current sales, and so would like to keep the design as it was. However, Regal Press decided to offer him a challenge. They would redesign the packaging for his soap, perfume and aftershave products with the promise that, if he didn’t see a doubling in sales, he didn’t have to pay for the job!

So we gave him a challenge: Let’s redesign your packaging, if you don’t double your sales, you’ll pay nothing!

After just a short time, the client admitted that he couldn’t keep up with the increased demand for his products, instead asking if Regal Press would buy the business. And so they acquired the business, Devon Perfumery, which produced and sold soap, perfume and aftershave products in flavours of Apple, Lavender, Leatherwood and Huon Pine.

Some of these products have since been discontinued, but the range of souvenirs was expanded dramatically. And so, Tasmanian Postcards & Souvenirs was born.  A few years later, another wholesale company was started, Regal Publications, which publishes Tasmanian history books printed by Regal Press.

He couldn’t keep up, he begged us to buy the business. And so, Tasmanian Postcards & Souvenirs was born.

More about the Company

Tasmanian Postcards & Souvenirs is currently working on their website and digital presence. If you have any queries about their products, you are welcome to contact us at Product of Tasmania

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