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Product of Tasmania Gifts, Envirowoolly's from Tastex

Tastex Knitwear Inc. and the Envirowoolly® Range

Tastex Knitwear Inc. is a Tasmanian manufacturer of premium knitwear products. It has a reputation for unsurpassed quality and workmanship. You’ll be impressed by the Tastex Envirowoolly® range of teddy bears.

Unsurpassed Quality and Workmanship

Their founding purpose is to provide employment and training for people with intellectual disabilities. This continues to be a guiding principle, however Tastex needs a self-funding strategy. So they began commercially promoting of their Envirowoolly® and other products.

Like nothing else you’ll hold, or hug to your face

Tastex is recognised for making bespoke materials, just like the dense and fluffy filler for their Envirowoolly® teddy bears. These animal teddies really are like nothing else you’ll ever hold and cuddle.

A Proud Association, an Inspiring Business

Product of Tasmania is excited to stock these fantastic Envirowoolly® soft toys, and extremely proud to be associated with Tastex. We wish their team every success they deserve. For all their hard work, their dedication, as well as their passion. But really, for improving the quality of life of others.

Hand-crafted Embroidery that comes to LIFE! Everyone will LOVE your Envirowoolly®

What is an Envirowoolly®?

The Envirowoolly® range is a collection of soft toys (or teddy bears), each resembling Australian animals. Each teddie is individually made, with care and love. And they all have a heart-warming story to tell.

These unique Australian animal teddies are one-of-a-kind. They are made with quality and pride together with quality materials, so they’re tough and durable.

The DELIGHTFUL texture of the fabric. The STRIKING quality of the embroidery. These feel AMAZING!

Several Tasmanian outlets are now stockists, including The Tasmanian Devil Park, Bonorong Wildlife SanctuaryMade in Tasmania Salamanca, the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery.

Saffire Freycinet has officially adopted the Tasmanian Devil Envirowoolly® as part of its Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.

Tastex: an Australian Disability Enterprise, a Not-for-Profit Enterprise

Production Process

  • Australian Wool off-cuts of are gathered. These are usually recycled materials, left over from making uniforms and workwear.
  • An industrial steaming process, which uses special machinery, pulls all of the materials apart.
  • These pieces of material become wriggly and springy. They are then used as the filler for every Envirowoolly®.
  • Different animal shapes are packed with filler. Then they are sewn and sealed up. Most of this sewing is done by hand.
  • Each Envirowoolly® is lovingly brought to life with individually hand-crafted embroidery.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly, Cute and Cuddly!

More about Tastex

Quality Assurance with ISO 9001-2008 certification. For more information, contact details etc:

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