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Troublesmiths – A Youth Social Enterprise

Troublesmiths is a youth social enterprise, powered by positivity and hard work. Their team is made up of individuals, aged between 15-24, who are at risk of long term unemployment. These young adults have taken their futures into their own hands, and have volunteered to work with Troublesmiths in exchange for skills development, support, and good vibes!

Troublesmiths specialise in personal growth, work experience and making together

How did Troublesmiths get it’s name?

Trouble. Like most people, everyone who works at Troublesmiths has run into some sort of trouble, barrier or challenge in life. Maybe they have low literacy or numeracy skills. Perhaps they have experienced unplanned parenthood. Some may have mental health challenges. It’s even likely they are having trouble finding support to get a driver’s license, or a car.

Smith. Like any craft or small business, the journey of a Troublesmith is about creative thinking, problem solving, tenacity and self-belief. That’s why Smith is a good analogy – it brings to mind a masterful worker who takes pride in what they do. A Smith takes something (like Trouble), and makes something beautiful and valuable out of it.

Our Troublesmiths wear the name with honour, proudly saying:

“Despite the odds, through my hard work, I made it.”

Supported by the Tasmanian State Government, and Workskills Inc; managed by Impact Communities.

We see potential. We see dreams, and aspiration, and human beings with unique talents who just want to catch a break

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