Wishlist, wish now add to cart later

Product of Tasmania Wishlist

Now you can Wishlist before you Cart

There is a new Wishlist feature in our store. Now customers can add their favourite Gift Ideas to their wishlist. It’s like a type of wish before you buy.

Wish Now, add to Cart Later

We think it’s a great way to help customers organise their shopping. It also allows our quick-browsing visitors to engage too!

Start your Wishlist right now…

Just ADD TO WISHLIST when you see something you like. Later, find your Wishlist in TOOLS. Once you do register, you can move items across to your Cart.

You don’t need to register an account with our store!

The Wishlist will remember you when you come back!

It’s true, the Wishlist works with cookies. Unless you clear your browser cache, your Wishlist will remain.

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